Marketing For Deals Blueprint

The Marketing for Deals Blueprint is coming soon…..

Its no secret that the market has changed a lot over the last couple years! The reality is if you are relying purely on REO’s and other foreclosure leads you are going to have a much harder time pocketing big checks. The secret to long term success and BIG checks is being able to source real estate deals directly from homeowners! This Blueprint will pull back the curtain on how we generate more deals than we can handle month in and month out while our competition barely has enough to get by.

The secret to success in this great business is marketing and very few people actually know how to do it well!

After mastering the material that will be provided to you in this course, you will be able to generate all of the highly profitable deals you will ever want…..all you have to do is take action and put the information and marketing techniques to work in your market! We are hoping to have this course completed by the end of 2012, so check back for our release date!

“Remember we are in the people and marketing business…..not just the real estate business!”

Tucker Merrihew



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