“Real Dealz” Podcast

Coming Soon!

Keep your eye’s open for the first episode of the “Real Dealz” Podcast where we will go through recent real estate deals that we are doing in our own business right now in this market! We will go through everything that you ever needed to know about the deal so that you can take all of the information and apply it in your own REI business. We will examine all the different types of marketing strategies we use within our business, as well as different types of deals that come from them (i.e. wholesale, rehabbing, wholetailing, lease option, ect). This Podcast will provide you a FREE road map to grow your own real estate investing business and apply the concepts and strategies that we cover.

Here is What You Will Learn From Future Podcast Episodes:

*Learn exactly what kind of marketing we do in order to create a constant stream of motivated seller leads. We will go over in detail how we use direct mail, social media, pay per click & SEO marketing to generate more leads than anyone else in our market!

*Learn how we deal with every motivated seller lead that comes in, as well as how we differentiate them into different types of leads (wholesales, subject to’s, rentals, rehabs, ect). We will go over in detail how our lead funnel works and how it enables us to go after the gold and not waste time on unmotivated sellers.

*Learn how we negotiate with motivated sellers in order to get our offers accepted! Anyone can make offers, but not everyone can get a seller to accept them.

*We will be pulling back the curtain on how our business really works, so that you can see how to really make money in this great business! There will be nothing held back as we will go over all the details for deals that we are closing right now in this market! You will get to listen to real time strategies that are working today to create HUGE profits flipping houses!

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