If you have always wanted to make a FORTUNE investing in Real Estate you are in the right place! We will soon be rolling out our MIM Mentoring Program where we will walk you through every step of building a million dollar Real Estate Investing Business.

Over the last few years we have built our own million dollar real estate investment business, and now we are going to make that extremely specialized & valuable information about how we did it available to you! We will provide you all of the material & step by step coaching you need to build a seven figure Real Estate business that dominates your local market. We went from simply doing a few deals here and there to being the biggest name  (and biggest earners) in our market, and we are going to give you all of the tools to do the same thing in your area! In fact we are so sure that what we will be teaching works, that we will not even accept mentoring applications from investors in our own market! Since we are real investors who are really flipping tons of houses every month, we just don’t want to train our competition within our local market… if you happen to be investing somewhere other than Portland Oregon then you are in luck!

Our goal is to provide a Mentor program that is designed to help those people who have done a few deals, but have yet to master the art of finding “motivated sellers”. We want to help create longevity for you in this business by teaching you how to source deals that will never go away or even decrease! Eventually the number of foreclosed properties will shrink, and when that happens those investors who have build their businesses around them will suffer…..we want to help you to thrive & dominate now, but even more so when that day comes! There will be two different types of Mentoring Packages, so it will be up to you to decide which one is the best fit for your situation.

MIM Mentor Package #1 – This package will simply provide you will all of the tools that you will need in order to be successful, however implementing the material will be left up to you. If you feel like you only need a little bit of guidance and the tools to be successful then this package may be for you.

MIM Mentor Package #2 – This package will take your business from where it’s at today and transform it into a market dominating cash machine! In this package we will not only provide you with all of the tools to be successful, but we will also personally guide you through the process of using them correctly so that you can dominate your local market like you never thought possible!Below is a list of some of the great benefits all of our hands on coaching students will have acces to:

*Custom Business Plan & Help Setting up Your Office & Systems

*Custom Direct Mail & Online Marketing Plan Along With Access to all of Our Proven Marketing Material Customized for Your Business

*Direct Mail Lists Provided for Probate/Inherited Properties, Absentee Owners & Free and Clear properties & Cash Buyers for your local market

*Direct mail list for the super secret criteria we use within our own business to create the biggest wholesale profits possible!

*My Investing Mentor Direct Mail Merge Software (be your own mail house)

*Complete Training On How to negotiate with Motivated Seller Leads

*Complete Training on Buying & Flipping Bank Owned Properties

*Complete Training on How to Use Direct Mail and Online Marketing to Generate Massive Amounts of Leads

*In House Short Sale Negotiating Provided For Your Deals

*Custom Built Motivated Seller, Wholesale Buyers & renovated properties Website

*Done for You SEO, PPC & Internet Marketing to Help Generate tons of Online Leads

*Deal Partnering & Access to Our Own Funding for Your Wholesale Deals

*Weekly Coaching Phone Calls to Ensure Accountability and Your Success in the Program

*Constant Email Coaching Support to Help With Your Marketing, Deals & Any Questions

*Access to Our Membership Website & Forum That Is Filled With Training Material & How To Video’s for everything!

*And that’s just a small glimpse of what we will provide to our students……

Once you learn how to source your own ridiculously cheap deals on a regular basis there is no limit to the amount of income you can create from it! We will teach you how to set yourself financial free by learning how to find these types of deals in your market and then turn them into large HUGE checks…over and over again! Keep an eye on this page as we will be updating it in the upcoming weeks to give you more details about the mentor program.

In the mean time however sign up for the My Investing Mentor newsletter on our homepage and so that we can notify you as to when we will start accepting applications for this life changing program!

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