What Makes A Great Real Estate Investing Mentor Program?

It seems that these days there are a lot of folks in the real estate information business who are trying to cash in by recruiting students to join their coaching program. I am really in no position to judge how worthwhile some of those larger programs are, but based on my experiences of building a real estate investing business, I know that personally I would only like to be coached by people who are actually doing deals in today’s market! The value in joining a coaching or mentor program that is run by an active and successful real estate investing business would seem to be the best way to ensure success. Being able to work side by side with active investors who understand how to make big profits in today’s market can put you on your way to achieving financial freedom.

Over the last 5 years I put my blood sweat and tears into building an extremely successful REI business in my market of Portland Oregon (if anyone would like to see our closing HUD’s for 2011 just email me!), and now I am putting that same effort into building a mentor program that will literally change people’s lives! This program is going to be very¬† involved, and because of that we will only be accepting¬† 5 students at a time……who will then go through an intensive 3 month program where we will help you build your real estate investment business into a market dominating cash machine!

I personally didn’t have a mentor that could help guide me through the challenges of the REI business….and in return I made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of time and money building my business. So what I have done is design a mentor program that will provide 5 personally selected students with all of the guidance, support and marketing materials that they would ever need to be successful buying & selling real estate for HUGE profits! This program will provide our students everything they need to become successful and dominate their local market….but in return we want to make sure that only those people who are absolutely committed to achieving success join the MIM Mentor Program. We only want to invest our time and knowledge into those investors who will absolutely use what we teach them, and take full advantage of this great opportunity to work side by side with established & extremely successful investors. Once you learn how to find and flip deals whenever you want your life will change forever….and this is exactly what we are going to teach you (amongst other important things).

This life changing program begins with a very detailed interview that will allow us to find out where you are at now with your real estate investing education, as well as how your investing business is currently set up. Building a highly successful Real Estate Investing business starts with a strong foundation, so our first task will be making sure your foundation has been built properly so that we can then proceed to the more exciting money making aspects of the business! We will then find out what acquisition strategies appeal the most to you and create a marketing plan that takes that into account….then its time to start blanketing your area with online & offline marketing, generating leads, closing deals & making money! Our program will create a custom business and marketing plan for your success, give you all of the proven marketing material to bring in quality leads and provide you with the direct mail lists for your area that we personally use in our own market. We will also provide you with all of our own business resources for you to use, including all of our proven marketing material, Hard Money lender, Website Developer, SEO & PPC miracle worker….and finally we can even partner and fund your wholesale deals for you! This Mentor program provides you with all of the tools you could ever need to start making huge profits flipping houses, but because we want everyone we accept into this program to be successful, we are only taking on 5 students at a time. So to re-iterate what some of the major benefits are….here you go:

*Custom Business Plan & Help Setting up Your Office & Systems

*Custom Direct Mail & Online Marketing Plan Along With Access to all of Our Proven Marketing Material Customized for Your Business

*Direct Mail Lists Provided for Inherited Properties, Absentee Owners & Free and Clear properties & Cash Buyers for your local market

*My Investing Mentor Direct Mail Merge Software (be your own mail house)

*Complete Training On How to negotiate with Motivated Seller Leads

*Complete Training on Buying & Flipping Bank Owned Properties

*Complete Training on How to Use Direct Mail and Online Marketing to Generate Massive Amounts of Leads

*In House Short Sale Negotiating Provided For Your Deals

*Custom Built Motivated Seller Website & Wholesale Buyers Website

*Done for You SEO, PPC & Internet Marketing to Help Generate Online Leads

*Deal Partnering & Access to Our Own Funding for Your Wholesale Deals

*Weekly Coaching Phone Calls to Ensure Accountability and Your Success in the Program

*Constant Email Coaching Support to Help With Your Marketing, Deals & Any Questions

*Access to Our Membership Website & Forum That Is Filled With Training Material & How To Video’s

*And that’s just a small glimpse of what we will provide to our students……

The Bottom line is that we are going to provide you with every possible advantage in order to ensure that by the end of the 3 month program you are running circles around your competition! Our goal is to provide you with the know how to generate all of the deals you could ever want…..and let me tell you from personal experience, once you can generate your own deals at will money will no longer be an issue in your life and your business will explode!

If you have not already signed up for the My Investing Mentor Newsletter on our home page, go do it now so that you will be notified as to when we will begin accepting application for the mentor program. We are real Real Estate Investors who are in the trenches everyday looking for deals and negotiating with banks and motivated sellers! We are not a coaching call center in Utah who will be reading you scripted strategies out of a book that are supposed to work….you will be dealing with real life investors who are making BIG profits each and every month buying & selling real estate today, in this market! Lastly just remember that people constantly spend $50,000-$100,000 or more on educations that doesn’t teach them how to actually earn one cent (its called college)! This education will cost a small fraction of that amount, but it will teach you to earn many times that amount each and every year!

If you would like more information about this program you can also email us at MyInvestingMentor@gmail.com





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